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Tecona zit in ons DNA


Energetic team spirit, open communication, an inquisitive attitude. These are the ingredients that make Tecona your authentic partner in Asset Management, Technical Quality Assurance & Inspections, and Project Services. Tecona connects and reinforces. For you, with you. Simply because it is encoded in our DNA.  

Tecona offers a personal, future-oriented answer to all your questions regarding Asset Management, Technical Quality Assurance & Inspections, and Project Services. Tecona assists specialists within various branches efficient and effective: construction worker, refinery and (semi) government alike. Being an all-round expertise center, we offer a broad spectrum of technical services and help you acquire the required certifications.

Committed to your company

Our DNA is composed of a broad knowledge-based network of inspectors, technicians and other specialists. Each and every one committed to the company. Our company, your company. Armed with up-to-date knowledge and ample experience. With unbridled energy and great flexibility, together we make sure your organization runs smoothly, now and in the future.

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Asset Management

You want to fully utilize your assets and have them contribute at their maximum to your operating profit. To establish this, availability and reliability of your assets have to be in line with the requirements you impose on them. Taking laws and regulations, as well as your corporate objectives, into account, it is important that costs, proceeds and risks are balanced. But how do you achieve this? What is required to succeed and what actions do you need to take?

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Technical Quality Assurance & Inspections

Technical inspections have been in our DNA since our founding in 1979. Inspections within the field of quality control, inspections and audits in industrial areas, but also QA and QC services within the field of welding technique monitoring. This includes handling of inspection documents, setting up of plant production control, obtaining the needed certificates and creating inspection plans in accordance with PED-legislation.

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Project Services

We believe in transparent management. That’s also part of our DNA. Because of this transparency, we only offer specialists of which we are certain they fit your organization. Discover how our DNA can strengthen your company.

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TECONA is in our DNA

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