Quality management in welding is essential

More and more companies realize the benefit of certification and a well-established quality system based upon EN-ISO 3834. Within the petrochemical and chemical industries, the offshore and infra sector and for governmental clients, it is almost always mandatory to work in accordance with quality system EN-ISO 3834. Within EN 1090-1 you are also required to comply with these quality standards.   

What is EN-ISO 3834

To achieve a quality management system for welding, a special body of standards has been created. This series is known as EN-ISO 3834. The most extensive part for certificating welding activities is EN-ISO 3834-2. This standard makes it possible to achieve a system for quality management through procedures, operational instructions and audits.  

Investing in EN-ISO 3834 pays off quickly

Not only because of legislation, also from an economic perspective, it is wise to operate according to a quality system based upon EN-ISO 3834. When you apply the right processes and procedures and can guarantee the quality of the activities, you reduce disapproval, reconstruction and repair. Extra costs involved with establishing and organizing an efficient quality system with accompanying certifications are often quickly recouped.  

Are you prepared for the audit by a certification authority?

Tecona’s specialists can advise and guide you in acquiring the certification based upon EN-ISO 3834-2 and obtaining the EN-ISO 3834 certificate.  

Based upon our many years’ experience in various fields, we help you prepare a (modular) manual, we assist you in implementing and qualifying welding methods (LMK/WPQR – LK/WPQ) and the qualified welding coordination under the terms of EN-ISO 14731.  

Our specialists have the right qualifications and experience to act on behalf of certification authorities such as Auditor and Technical Expert. We assist you in the implementation of internal audits and inspections and in the preparation for auditing conducted by external authorities.  

Certification of your welding processes and your welders

Do you wish to certify your welding processes and your welders? We will develop the required WPS’s, schedule the required shifts, guide the testing and file and manage the achieved qualifications.  

According to standard EN-ISO 9606-1 qualifications of your welders are valid indefinitely in case you can provide proof you meet all of the conditions of EN-ISO 3834. We arrange the timely prolongation of the certifications of you and your welders.  

The advantages of EN-ISO 3834 for your company

  • Your company and welders are provided with all certifications and master the welding process from raw material to end product. This brings you better competitiveness.
  • Your buyers are guaranteed a valid product. Your clients don’t have to re-inspect everything themselves.
  • Certification of the welding processes within your company secures a better order formulation and therefor adds to both the preparation and production process and to a short lead time for assignments.

Our expertise at your service

Our principle is that certification is tailor-made and not covered by default manuals. We like to support you in optimizing your quality system and certifying the various standards.  

Please contact us, free of obligation. We love to explain all options to you.

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