EN 1090-1: of relevance for who?

The EN 1090-1 standard is important for manufacturers of steel constructions and for producers modifying commodities. Since 2014, every constructive part of steel or aluminum being marketed, has to have a CE marking.

EN 1090-1 is relevant for clients, suppliers, contractors, supervisory authorities, constructors, designers and engineering firms.  

The mandatory CE mark

EN 1090-1 addresses the CE mark (conformity assessment) of a constructive model or component of steel and aluminum. The CE mark is mandatory. The absence of this mark is regarded an economic crime that can lead to severe sanctions.  

The CE mark is, amongst others, applicable to the constructive parts of steel constructions, aluminum constructions and steel/concrete constructions in:

  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Towers and masts
  • Silo’s and tanks
  • Cranes and machinery
  • Chimneys 

It concerns all new constructive parts, including purlins, landing decks, plating, curved beams, castellated beams, integrated beams, preproduced standard beams and parts of old material.

The EN 1090-1 standard has been modified in 2017. The most important reason was to bring it into line with the CPR 305/2011 (Construction Products Regulation).

EN 1090-2 and EN 1090-3

Then there are EN 1090-2 and EN 1090-3. Contrary to 1090-1, these standards are not legally mandatory, but merely aids to meet the legal requirements. They are by mutual agreement defined in a framework agreement or in specifications. This approach is getting more and more common practice. 

How to proof you are working according to EN 1090-1

The assessment is being conducted by an independent certification authority. Tecona employs specialists that can advise and assist you in this field. Our specialists have all the right qualifications and experience to act on behalf of certifying authorities such as Auditor or Technical Expert.  

Our years of experience within the industries of steel and aluminum processing, have provided us with deep insight into the bottlenecks and the know-how to advise you regarding the steps to be taken to comply to EN 1090-1.  

The embedding in your quality system

The embedding of EN 1090-1 in your quality system is an important focus for us. Our specialists support you in preparing the work methodology, procedures and working instructions as well as in their documentation in manuals. Certification is tailor-made, something you cannot cover in standard manuals. Moreover, we also assist you in implementing internal audits.  

Our expertise at your service

We’d like to work together with you on certifications for EN 1090-1. Also, we can offer you a broad pallet of services in the field of welding technology, varying from QA and QC services to the flexible deployment of a Welding Coordinator.  

Please contact us, free of obligation. We love to explain all options to you. 

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