Our Welding Coordinators: tailor-made effort

The EN 1090 standard is applicable to all manufacturers of steel constructions and to producers modifying commodities. EN 1090 defines the concerned requirements as documented in the European Directive for steel structures. One of the requirements is that the company has a Responsible Welding Coordinator. The EN-ISO 3834 with quality requirements for fusion welding also requires the use of welding coordination. The Welding Coordinator has to possess the right qualifications.  

Tight market: Tecona offers a suitable solution

The market of Welding Coordinators is tight, making it difficult to find the right people and to deploy them fulltime. Tecona offers a suitable solution.

We have created a form of contract that allows you to deploy one of our Welding Coordinators on demand. A service that brings more flexibility to your organization and that significantly lowers operational and training costs while you keep meeting the legal requirements. You don’t have to employ your own Welding Coordinator, you simply use one of our specialists when the times comes. Good to know: our Welding Coordinators can always fall back on the available expertise and back up possibilities within Tecona.  

What educational level is required?

The EN 1090 standard refers to the EN-ISO 14731 standard for the required educational level of the Welding Coordinator. This depends upon the executing category in which your company operates.  

Tecona can fill in the position of Welding Coordinator at any execution level. Our people have broad knowledge and experience in the field of welding technologies and coordination. They are educated and qualified based upon International Welding Engineer, International Welding Technologist and International Welding Specialist.  

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