Storage Tank Inspections

The PGS 29 “Directive for aboveground storage of flammable liquids in vertical cylindrical tanks” was completely revised in 2016. This revised version offers guidelines for the entire lifecycle of a storage tank. This concerns housing development, commissioning, use phase and disconnection. The most recent version of PSG 29 is version 1.1, dated December 2016.

The 1.1 version of PGS 29, introduces the term Independent Expert Authority next to the term NL-CBIT mentioned in version 1.0. In accordance with PGS, this Authority possesses the same tasks and competences as NL-CBIT. The only difference being there is no accreditation needed. 

Tecona employs the specialists PGS 29 requires. Therefor we can act as Independent Expert Authority.  

Services Tecona can provide for storage tanks contain:  

  • Pre-assessment housing development;
  • Pre-assessment repairs/modifications;
  • Housing development inspections;
  • Commissioning assessment;
  • Recertification, Times-Based as well as Risk-Based;
  • Entry assessment;
  • Assessment and inspection of major reconstructions;
  • Assessment application annual limit exceedance.

Alongside implementing the needed assessments and inspections, Tecona’s specialists can also advice you correctly regarding emerging challenges or the provision of specific courses.  


Currently, Tecona can provide various training courses regarding storage ranks. It concerns PGS 29, EN 14015 and EN 1090. Of course, client-specific, custom-made courses are also available.  

As storage tanks often also hold heating spirals, where PED is applicable together with harmonized standard EN 13445 training also is available. Both for PED and EN 13445 we offer courses. This also applies to training EN 13480 for the terminal-based piping system between the tanks.