Our DNA, your effective Maintenance Management

Policy and strategy are annually recurring themes at the executive’s table. However, the added value of maintenance is barely mentioned, certainly not in terms that are directly linked to your core business. Consequently, you are selling yourself short. A strategic approach to the maintenance of your assets can bring much profit.  

All aspects of Maintenance Management managed efficiently

The added value of maintenance is seldom a conversation piece at the executive’s table. A waste, because it deprives your organization. A strategic approach to the maintenance of your assets can be very profitable.  Our DNA also incorporates that approach.  

More insight and profitability with AMQ Concept

In the area of Maintenance Management, Tecona offers several services we created ourselves, like the AMQ Concept. This concept allows us to, together with you, determine the improvements that can be made against which rates of return.  

We take care of your Maintenance Management

Being an authentic partner, Tecona assists you in developing a solid vision on maintenance of your production facilities and technical equipment. A vision that results in a smart link between strategic governance and daily practice. Your goal is our goal: letting your assets play to their utmost strengths against the most beneficial costs as possible. That is the team spirit that builds our strong DNA.   

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