ISO 55000

ISO 55000 is the international standard specifying requirements for developing, implementing, managing and improving Asset Management systems.  

The standard consists of three parts:

  • ISO 55000 – Asset Management
  • ISO 55001 – Asset Management – Management systems – Requirements;
  • ISO 55002 – Asset Management – Management systems – Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001. 

ISO 55000 offers a frame that you need to complete. For this, the specific characteristics of your organization and the requirements demanded for managing your assets serve as guidance.  

Utilizing ISO 55000 on a strategic and tactical level

ISO 55000 can be a useful instrument for Asset Management on a strategic and tactical level, providing that you make the right choices during implementation. Our IAM certified employees can assist you in this.  

In our approach, we focus particularly on:

  • Improving the performance of your assets;
  • Achieving your company goals;
  • Illustrating how elements of Asset Management are interwoven;
  • Developing, managing or improving your Asset Management system and the processes involved. 

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