Inspections of welded connections in housing development and use-phase

It is of the utmost importance your assets are being inspected correctly throughout their lifecycle. Not only to guarantee safety, but also to use them as efficiently as possible. Our qualified specialists offer you their support. They conduct inspections or advise you during the lead-up to the announced inspection. For example, in building regulations or with chemical and petrochemical installations.  

During an inspection, we answer questions such as: are the welded connections durable enough? Have the correct materials been used? Do you have the right material certificates? How is the (manner of) laying of the weld secured in advance in certified Welding Method Qualifications? Were the correct procedures followed? Are working method and execution evaluated?  

Highly qualified specialists  

Tecona has access to highly qualified, highly experienced specialists. We can deploy the following specialists:

  • International Welding Engineer (IWE);
  • International Welding Technologist (IWT);
  • International Welding Specialist (IWS);
  • Inspection and assessment Technics 3 and 2 (IKT 3 and IKT2);
  • Visual Welding Inspector;
  • (Senior) Tank Auditor (PGS 29, EN 14015, EEMUA 159, API 650, API 653);
  • (Senior) Tank Inspector (PGS 29, EN 14015, EEMUA 159, API 650, API 653).   

Our services

  • Preparing testing and inspection plans (both for housing development and for modifications and repairs);
  • Implementing related inspections and assessments;
  • Vendor inspections;
  • Welding inspections;
  • Auditing and implementing Welder Performance Qualifications;
  • Inspecting attestations;
  • Entry inspections materials and documentation;
  • Inspections before commissioning;
  • Guiding, reducing and, where necessary, correcting welding activities. 

Flexibility: a must

Our own inspectors and the specialists within our knowledge-based network enable us to answer virtually every question. Our people are flexible and able to react rapidly in case of a query, malfunction or shutdown. Even if they occur after regular working hours.   

More information?

Please contact us, free of obligation. We love to explain all options to you.  

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