Asset Management, Technical Quality Assurance & Inspections and Project Services

Tecona specializes in Asset Management, Technical Quality Assurance & Inspections, and Project Services. We are convinced that sharing knowledge leads to new possibilities and improving performances. The result is more than the sum of its parts.

Asset Management

Your standards are high where it concerns your production facilities and technical installations. In order to achieve the highest level of performances and reliability against the lowest costs, you want to develop the best maintenance methods and processes. Tecona helps you to fully uphold the maintenance management of your assets, your maintenance strategy and your Lifecycle Management. This way, the economic benefits of your installations, machineries and buildings can be fully optimized.

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Technical Quality Assurance & Inspections

We are skilled in developing and implementing systems, methods and processes to improve quality, prevent disruptions and malfunctions while also drastically lower the costs. We offer support and advice in certifying welding constructions and procedures according to the applicable standards. Also, we offer reliability and safety management, quality assurance, the establishment of procedures, audits and certification of high-end welding constructions.

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Project services

We provide technical specialists to execute orders in the area of maintenance technology. Our specialists do not stand alone; during the entire project, intervision assists and supports them. Further assurance that your assignment or project is being implemented while maintaining the highest quality guarantee.

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